Ten Reasons to get Aapla Marathi Calendar.

10. It’s specifically designed for Australian and New Zealand’s Marathi community.
9. Information about Indian holiday and festivals.
8. Information about Australian and New Zealand holiday and important days.
7. Important information about Marathi community in Australia and New Zealand.
6. Australian Marathi radio details.
5. Marathi articles written by local/Overseas well known writers.
4. Marathi Kavita by local poets.
3. Mouth watering Indian food recipe.
2. Important sports dates.
1. Sankesti date and time for Australia and New Zealand.

Most Important one : Panchang as per Australian Time

Aaapla Calendar app have reminder feature, you can opt in for reminder in advance for Sankesti and Ekadashi.

Aapla calendar lite version app now available on android phone

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What community saying about Aapla Calendar:

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  1. Thank you Mr Milind Kulkarani.
    Excellent work.

    All the details of Marathi and Australian events are mentioned in the calendar.

    keep it up .

  2. Happy new year eveyone…..first of all thanks to milid kulkarni for sharing aapla calendar…..i use to ask my friends coming from india every time to get me kalnirnay..

    Its very useful.and very informative..

    Thanks again

  3. When the first time I heard an idea of aapal calendar,  I really felt wonderful..
    Received the copy today (on time) & I must say thanks to Milind for the brilliant work. Very nice combination of our rituals & Australian events, holidays along with good articles. .
    Keep it up..

  4. Great initiative & work done by the Milind & Shambhavi Kulkarni duo for the Marathi people who are settled in Australia.


    Vedmoorti Shrikant Kelkar (Guruji)

  5. I have just received my calender for this year. It looks very interesting and useful. Also like others have mentioned I now don’t have to trouble family in India to send a Kalniray. I did have a couple of suggestions. If you could have a sample of some sort on the website maybe pages from the previous year that would be good. Also if you could drop a line when you have mailed the calendar then we could keep an eye out in the mail.

    I look forward to ordering the calendar next year.



  6. I would like to congratulate Milind and Shambhavi for the efforts taken year by year to do the excellent “AAPLA CALENDER “concept .
    Aalpa canlender gives accurate info about the “rashi,tithi,panchang and the” chandra uday”timings for the Ganesh Chaturthi every month.
    Brilliant job done ,I wish them good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is the first time I have seen “Aapla Calendar” and was so taken by it that I gave away my copy of Kalanirnay to another who needed a Marathi calendar. My compliments to Milind and Shambhavi for filling the gap felt by Marathi Hindu Australians for their panchang needs. You have done an excellent job by giving us this information considering Australia’s geographic location. The calendar is attractive and I did not find it lacking in any way. Well done and keep up the good work. I look forward to next year’s copy

  8. Marathi Paul Padate Pudhe!!
    Excellent work Milind & Shambhavi , very happy and proud to see “Apala Calendar” This is the first year I have ordered it! Excellent composition, and detailed listing of everything. Keep it up. And please update us with any new production! We wish you all the very best!!
    Me Marathi 🙂

  9. I must commend Milind and Shambhavi for this brilliant concept. It combines Indian and Australian events and as such fills a gap in a subtle way which we all feel but dont realise.

    I especially love this years layout , its various topics and smorgasbord of interesting articles in the back.

    Well done and hoping many more things from you guys in the future

  10. The calendar is full of information that takes a while to absorb but emphasises the detail of the same. There is not one aspect that comes to mind and cannot be clarified in the calendar. As many would agree the need for a desperate attempt to obtain one from India has been eliminated and the corresponding festivities off shore are well marked.
    A great initiative.

  11. Thanks to Milind and Shambhavi Kulkarni for their excellent initiative. This is an great example what one can achived. This is for our community. You both set an great example in front of us. We can see the great efforts behind this publication. Keep it up friends!

    Narendra Anturkar

  12. When I first saw Aapla Calendar, I was amazed at how great it looked! I remember a Kalanirnay always being in the house, since I was a kid. I couldn’t believe that this was actually a special calendar, designed specifically for Maharashtrians in Australia. Being a designer, I certainly can say that Aapla Calendar looked fabulous! This year, when I was asked to contribute a story to the calendar, I was thrilled and grateful for the opportunity. What a great idea, to give people the chance to submit articles, stories etc. and publish them in the calendar. Milind and Shambhavi Kulkarni were very heplful in the process of me finishing and submitting my final story, and kudos to them for a great job done!

  13. Back in India I was a fan of Kalnirnay. But since last two years I found the same rapport with Aapla Calendar. In fact it is better in a way – giving accurate information about ‘Tithi’, ‘Panchang’ and ‘Rashi Bhavishya’ according to Australian time and considering the Australian Latitudes and Longitudes.
    It also has important information, good articles, poems. It’s fun to read those, especially written in Marathi by our own Marathi Australians. Even the advertisements come in handy at times. There’re marked school days in NSW, Victoria, SA and each state’s public holidays. Saves me a lot of time keeping track of two different calendars (Marathi and Australian).
    And last but not the least it definitely beats asking family and friends to get or send Indian Marathi Calendar.

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